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Journalism career of Don Hale meet the ancestors - spies, murder and mayhem!

Don Hale OBE is probably one of Britain’s most colourful and controversial investigative journalists. He has worked for many of the national newspapers, and he has also run several regional newspapers as an editor, and presented a series of radio and television programmes for the BBC and independent broadcasting companies. He has won more awards than any other UK journalist, including ‘Journalist of the Year’ three times, ‘Campaign of the year,’ ‘Scoop of the year,’ ‘Man of the Year – voted by the readers of the Observer,’ and BBC regional ‘Presenter of the year,’ and ‘International Peace Prize,’ to name but a few.

From 1994-2002 he became a familiar face on national and international television screens whilst battling to free Stephen Downing, who had been jailed more than 27 years earlier for a crime he did not commit. Don campaigned for justice and eventually had the conviction overturned. He won an international peace prize for his efforts, and helped change both British and European Justice by a review of the IDOM ruling at the European Court of Human Rights. He also worked successfully and quietly on several other high profile miscarriage cases including that of Barry George, who had been wrongly convicted of the murder of popular TV presenter Jill Dando. Don has also worked undercover, and been involved in research activities for the ‘Princess Diana’ crash, and some international crime and terrorist events. For his campaign journalism, he was nominated for an OBE by Prime Minister Tony Blair, and received the medal from Prince Charles.

This award seemed ironic as Don’s great grandfather was the first Royal Bodyguard to the Prince of Wales in the early 1900’s, working as a detective superintendent in Victorian & Edwardian Manchester. His family background is fascinating, if not remarkable, and he revisits the ancestors to tell about his own father and his uncle’s activities, spying with military Intelligence during WW2, his grandfather’s life saving activities in the WW1 trenches; and his own early X-Factor-type show business success, his interesting professional footballing career, life as a radio commentator and pundit, and finally his work as a showbiz columnist, journalist, editor, and best selling author of true crime and other true stories.

Don’s career helps to show that not all journos can make their mark from just phone-hacking!

Published articles

Latterly Don has gone back to his ‘investigative roots’ writing fascinating articles that have come to light through good old fashioned research, social media, and various contacts he has built up over the years. Here are some of his features:

Jack the Ripper was a Polish barber? 'Total fantasy', says ex-cop

AN ex-murder detective has blasted a claim that Jack the Ripper was a Polish barber as “total fantasy”.

Rolf Harris to teach Welsh in exchange for cushy prison transfer

JAILED entertainer Rolf Harris is so desperate to move to a cushier nick he is even offering to teach other inmates Welsh.    

'I was sexually abused and bullied from first day at Chetham's School'

A FRESH probe has been launched into sex abuse at a leading music school after a new victim came forward.

Tragic Jill Dando probed BBC PAEDO ring

MURDERED TV presenter Jill Dando tried to expose a paedophile ring involving “big-name” BBC stars, a former colleague has claimed.

Top cop says missing sex ring dossier ‘still around’

A FORMER top cop says police should be able to find any files about an alleged paedophile ring in Westminster.

'I fled CHILD KILLER': Wife's encounter with Robert Black

THE wife of a former police officer who has linked child killer Robert Black with ­unsolved murders believes she nearly became another of his victims.

Second paedophile dossier cover-up after police raid

A dossier on politicians who allegedly supported a paedophile group was covered up by Special Branch, it was claimed last night.

EXCLUSIVE: New photos show the obsession that drove Nazi leader Adolf Hitler crazy

ADOLF Hitler was a secret train-spotter with a burning desire to build the world’s fastest loco.

Wrongly-convicted alleged 'terrorist' Gerry Conlon of Guildford Four dies

GERRY Conlon, who spent more than 15 years in jail as one of four men wrongly convicted of a terrorist attack, died at home in Belfast yesterday.

Fresh search for Moors victim Keith: Mountain rescue ace leads team seeking burial site

MOUNTAIN rescue teams will this week launch a new search for the body of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett.

Police bury files of an unsolved murder for 95 YEARS

QUESTIONS over why the police files on an infamous murder case have been sealed for almost a century have prompted a rethink.

Anger as shamed striker Ched Evans is set to sign new Sheffield United deal

RAPIST soccer star Ched Evans is set to sign for Sheffield United while on day release from prison – before he even finishes his jail sentence in October.

Fury over Sheffield United boss giving rapist Ched Evans a second chance

SHEFFIELD United boss Nigel Clough has visited rapist Ched Evans in jail in a bid to re-sign the striker.

Cover up: Ex cop claims third bomb that could have cleared Birimingham Six was hidden

A RETIRED policeman who found a bomb that could have cleared the Birmingham Six says its existence was kept secret by his bosses.

Met police refuse to release key evidence in Jack the Ripper's 125 year cover-up

POLICE are refusing to release key files on Jack the Ripper – even though the Victorian serial killer struck over 125 years ago.

Birmingham Six outcry calls for probe on claim that police know identity of bombers

POLICE chiefs are set to meet over claims top officers know who carried out the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings.

Saudi royal to decide comeback fate of footballer rapist Ched Evans

CONVICTED rapist football star Ched Evans will need royal approval to return to his club.

Barry George to return to the UK as a paparazzi after Jill Dando accusation storm

THE man wrongly accused of murdering Jill Dando longs to be a paparazzi snapper.

My guy Ched is no rapist: Girlfriend of jailed footballer stands by him

THE girlfriend of jailed football star Ched Evans has vowed to stick by him and help get his rape conviction quashed.

Stephen Downing faces benefits battle

A MAN wrongly jailed for murder faces court this week over alleged benefit fraud.

New evidence links unsolved murder to Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe

EXPLOSIVE new evidence has come to light linking a notorious unsolved murder to the Yorkshire Ripper.

'James Bond' superspy link to disappearance of Dunlop Navy diver

Do 'Buster' Crabb's secret files hold the key to Cold War mystery? Don Hale reports.

Cyril Smith investigated by police after claims he had sex with young man in Birmingham public toilets

Police probe was halted by Special Branch amid fears of a political scandal, claims security source

Midland team to dig for missing Moors Murders victim Keith Bennett

Forensic specialists acting on new information searching for 12-year-old victim of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Rape football star Ched Evans set to play again - wearing an electronic tag

The convicted striker is due to visit his former club Sheffield United on day release in July to begin training

The flying duck that got Nazis in a flap

The 75th anniversary of Sir Nigel Gresley’s champion choo choo, the Mallard, was celebrated at the National Railway Museum in County Durham.


Top Midlands cop facing decision in misconduct probe

Assistant Chief Constable Marcus Beale under criminal investigation relating to handling of witness in ex-Spurs footballer Kevin Nunes murder case

Justice 4 the 21 set to quiz police chiefs over Birmingham pub bombings suspects' identities

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Bob Jones has set up a meeting with the campaigners and Chief Constable Chris Sims

Jill Dando murder accused fighting for £1m compensation

Former Walsall stuntman Barry George seeks payout at European Court of Human Rights after being jailed for eight years for crime he didn't commit

Did the Yorkshire Ripper murder five women in the Midlands?

Ex-detective believes Peter Sutcliffe may have been responsible for killings in Tamworth, Chesterfield, Bakewell and in Leicestershire

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